Twin Cessna 310

The world’s first modern light twin, the Cessna 310 first flew in 1953. They are fast, carry large loads and have excellent range. Our 310 is equipped with the Vexcel Ultracam digital camera, and a Leica AB-GPS receiver equipped with GraphNav/GraphNet software.

Hughes 300

The Hughes 300 is a light utility helicopter with a reputation for power and performance. Our 300 provides us with yet another tool with which to complete our mapping projects.

Precision HawkEye Mark III UAV

Our fixed wing UAV solution that is flexible, rugged, and reliable. Drones provide another alternative for a variety of situations.

Vexcel Ultracam Falcon Mark 2 Digital Camera

Reliable high resolution digital aerial camera system equipped with UltraNav 510 and Applanix POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite.

DJI Phantom 4 UAV

DJI Phantom 4 UAV: Made with revolutionary materials, and designed with enhanced agility, the Phantom is flexible enough to meet different flying demands.

Advanced Photogrammetric Software Systems

At ATM we use some of the most advanced photogrammetric software systems available to help us produce our maps. These include DAT/EM Summit Evolution Softcopy digital mapping systems, and editing stations equipped with AutoCAD and Microstation.