Fort Bliss Solar Site

Project Description

With an area of about 1,700 square miles (4,400 km2), it is the U.S Army’s second-largest installation, behind the adjacent White Sands Missile Range. It is FORSCOM’s (United States Army Forces Command) largest installation, and has the Army’s largest Maneuver Area (992,000 acres) ahead of the National Training Center. Extensive flight coordination was prepared due to the heavily restricted airspace at Fort Bliss and the mapping will be used for future solar panel design and transmission lines ATM provided 1:3600 photo scale, Color photo coverage to prepare 1″ =40′, 1 foot topographical information, planimetric detail and orthophoto encompassing approximately 300 acres. Project delivered on schedule and on budget.

Additional Information

  • Location

    El Paso, Texas

  • Client

    US Army

  • Year